My Mourning has turned to Joy...
Healing Through Writing

"It is my desire that my transparency bare witness to God's faithfulness and his power to transform and renew lives."

Author Rhachelle Nicol' found a way to reflect, heal and inspire through writing.  Her writing style has a way of pulling you in, causing you to reflect and then inspiring you to persevere through life's circumstances.  Author Rhachelle Nicol' is a mentor, motivational speaker and ghost writer.

True Inspiration
"I could not put this down. Quick, easy read, but the effects of a 300 page novel. You are drawn in quickly and I quickly identified with the author on many levels."  Gigi Rosales, CA

"I love every page of it and I highly recommend this book to every broken woman, man, boy or girl out there who feel like giving up!"  Latersa Blakely, PA

"This book was like she was telling me the story, while I was sitting right there."  Samele Thorner, CA

 "What makes this book different is the blatant honesty and transparency."  Lisa Jay, PA

"It unleashed skeletons that we are afraid to free ourselves from."  J Smooth, FL

Write openly and freely, no one else has to see your words
Written word has the power to heal
Once written you never have to go back to that place, it's been released
So many times we replay our hurts, rehearse our fears and hold on to the shame
Whatever you do, don't stop writing...